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Should I always deliver what you’ve asked me to?

All too often at Fresh Aesthetics in Portadown,  I have patients ask me for a treatment that I feel isn’t a good option for them.

Worryingly they have often had these treatments previously. They have booked an appointment for a particular treatment with another provider (without knowing whether or not it will actually suit them) and that treatment is delivered as per request.⁣

So what do I do when these patients request the same treatment from me? Take the money and run? Absolutely not! Although if I had trained in Medical Aesthetics just to make as much money as possible, that’s exactly how I’d do it.⁣

However I am not a “vending machine” for aesthetic treatments, which is why I don’t have a booking system whereby patients choose what they want. New patients cannot simply select from a menu and book an appointment for cheek filler, chin filler, 3 areas Botox, 1ml lip filler, “3ml package” or whatever…⁣

Patient education is key

⁣All my new patients have a thorough consultation where I listen to their concerns and goals. Then I educate them on why I think a particular treatment may or may not work for them. Even if that means a less expensive treatment, a completely different treatment than they’d originally requested, or no treatment at all. ⁣

I explain in plain terms the pros, cons and likely outcomes of these various treatment options, so that my patients are fully informed and in control of their choices. Then they can clearly understand why what they want, mightn’t be what they need!⁣

A common example of this is upper lip/smokers lines. I often get requests just to fill these, however if I simply did as I was asked without question, the patient would likely end up with a stiff, strange looking, convex upper lip a bit like a chimp or Homer Simpson.⁣

My core values are honesty, integrity and ethical treatments, where I put your well-being and long term outcomes above my financial gain.⁣

If you are an existing patient of mine or have had a consultation with me, you’ll have had “the talk” and know exactly what I mean!! I like to think that’s why you trust me to look after you time and again – you know I’ll keep you right!⁣