Dermal Fillers

As we age, the supporting structures and volume of our face are lost. The bone shrinks (we lose our “hard scaffolding”) and the the deep fat is lost (the little pillows that give our face shape deflate). In short, everything slides south!

This means that the overlying skin of the face is no longer supported so begins to sag and droop. This leads to jowls, deep naso-labial (nose-to-mouth) lines and marionette (sad mouth) lines.

Dermal fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which occurs naturally within the body. These fillers can be used carefully and safely to restore this lost volume, so subtly lifting and reshaping the face. The skin itself also becomes hydrated giving you a beautifully fresh glow. Instant results, all with little or no downtime.

A lot of people worry about looking “overdone” with fillers as they see celebrities with a “pillow face”. My filler treatments are always conservative and never go past the point to where you would look unnatural or overfilled. No-one should be able to tell you’ve had filler treatment, instead you’ll look refreshed and well rested. The best work is invisible!


As we age, our lips lose their natural volume and shape. They become drier, thinner and begin to turn down at the corners. Vertical lipstick/smokers lines develop as the mouth draws inwards. My lip filler rejuvenation treatments aim to address all these issues, rebuilding the lips so reversing the signs of ageing and create a more youthful looking mouth.

*From £250




Jawline Fillers

Lost definition along the jawline can be a very ageing feature. Fillers can be placed in and around this area to support sagging skin, improve the appearance of jowls and recontour the jawline, thus slimming the face.

*From £250 

Chin Fillers

As we age the chin gets shorter and rotates upward, developing a deep crease and giving a “witch-like” appearance. Hollows and shadows can also form in the area leading to a sad or grumpy appearance. Careful placement of filler will restore support in this area and can also reduce the appearance of jowls.

*From £250


Naso-Labial (Nose to Mouth) Lines

These deep folds form as the face drops down and forwards. They are often best treated indirectly by lifting the cheek with dermal fillers, however the fold itself can also be softened by treating carefully with filler.

*From £250


Marionette (Sad Mouth) Lines

These folds form as the skin sags down and forwards. They are best treated as part of a global rejuvenation approach where the rest of the face is first supported and lifted, however filler can be carefully placed here directly to soften any remaining lines.

*From £250


Cheek Fillers

Over time our youthful contour is lost and this is one of the main reasons why we look tired and unhappy as we age. Cheeks flatten or even become hollow, therefore the skin is no longer firm and taut, instead it sags downwards.

Cheek fillers replace this lost volume to restore natural balance to the face. They also support the under eye area, so we look less tired and lift the lower face. My filler treatments are carefully planned to only restore what you’ve lost, never going beyond that, so you’ll always look entirely natural.

*From £250


Wrinkle Fillers

Some skin types are prone to the formation of many fine lines as they age, particularly thin or sun damaged skin. An effective treatment here can be the use of an ultra fine filler, suitable for use in the upper layers of the skin, to treat these individual lines directly. A very delicate and precise procedure using micro-droplets of filler, this will optimally correct the fine lines without creating a heavy, stiff look.

*From £250


Tear Trough Fillers

Some people have naturally deep hollows/grooves below the eye, however most of us develop this as we get older. These “troughs” are often best treated indirectly by supporting and lifting the cheek below with cheek fillers, however any remaining hollows can often be improved by adding a small amount of a specific filler to this delicate area.

*From £300




What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid – a sugar molecule that exists naturally in our skin and other tissues and which depletes with age. Fillers come in various forms and consistencies, suitable for a variety of uses. When fillers are injected under the skin they provide revolumisation and collagen stimulation. Because the hyaluronic acid molecule holds many times its own weight in water, fillers also bind water within the skin, acting like a reservoir to hydrate the skin from within.

How soon will I see the results from fillers

Filler results are instant, although continue to improve over the 4 weeks after treatment, as they take on water and “settle in” to the tissues.

Will I have “duck lips” or a “pillow face”?

Absolutely not. My filler treatments are always bespoke to you following an extensive consultation, using the specific product best suited to your face. I carefully and conservatively place just the right amount of filler at the correct depth and never overfill. I only aim to replace what you’ve lost over time so that you look naturally refreshed.

How long do fillers last?

This depends on the type of filler used, where it’s placed and many other factors such as individual metabolism, sun exposure etc. Generally speaking fillers last between 6-18 months (although can last longer), however many patients opt to have a maintenance procedure every year or so to prevent returning to square one.

Are there any side effects from fillers?

Risk of side effects depends on the area treated, and I will explain this to you in detail during your consultation.  For example, lips are more prone to bruising and swelling than any other area of the face, although this can occur anywhere. Most filler side effects are usually well settled within a few days although can persist for longer.

More serious side effects include filler migration, reaction, infection and blood vessel occlusion. Fortunately these are extremely rare, and as a highly trained and experienced practitioner, I take many steps to further reduce these risks and keep you safe. One of the greatest benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers is that they can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which means the procedure may be reversed in the event of a complication.