See what past clients have to say about Fresh Aesthetics

Subtle Changes

“You are so patient and go above and beyond for your clients, you made me feel very special. I knew you would keep me right. It’s so refreshing to know you value the results and subtle changes for your clients over any expenses”

Lots of compliments

“Really happy thank you I love it! I’ve had a lot of compliments on my skin and even the difference in the way my makeup sits, it’s perfect!”

Such a boost

“The result is amazing and that eye bag I was concerned about is a lot less obvious, if not gone completely. I’m just delighted. Jayne, you’re a genius! Thanks as I wasn’t feeling too good about myself and this has given me such a boost”

Rested, relaxed

“I just wanted to say that I have never been as happy as I have with your work. I love it!
No saggy eyelid, no weird eyebrows – just a lovely rested, relaxed look”

Realistic and Honest

“Your passion for what you do is so different from anyone else I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a few) and your realistic and honest approach is perfect. It instils confidence and faith in you but also means your patients are happy to discuss their treatment outcomes with you without concerns. Communication is everything and you have that sewn up!”

Eyes look brighter

“My eyes look a lot brighter and not so sad looking”

So impressed

“Just put make-up on and have to say I’m so impressed with the Profhilo. Skin looks amazing so pleased. Thank you so much, no lines no creases!”


I am thrilled with my results to say the very least. Can’t believe how amazing I feel! No dropping eyelids, just the right amount of movement in my forehead. Honestly couldn’t be happier.

Love the Result

“Jayne I love the result. Waking up with full cheeks and no bag under my eye. I’m ecstatic and no one has noticed because it’s so subtle, but I certainly know. I just find the results amazing as I thought you could only achieve this by surgery so I’m very happy thank you!”


“You’re excellent at what you do. I feel totally confident as I see the passion you have for your work and the pains you take, so I’m delighted I’ve met you.”


“I can’t believe I waited so long to deal with some lines that were really bothering me around my lips. If I’d known that having them refreshed with some fillers could’ve made such a difference (with minimal discomfort in my bank balance too), I have done this years ago!”


“You are a perfectionist and so professional. Swelling seems to have gone down already and I’m truly loving my new lips. Thank you so much for taking the care and attention you did.”

Very Youthful

“I’m delighted with the results! Corners of mouth fab and chin so much better and as time goes on will improve, it’s exactly the result I was looking for. I’m so happy with everything Jayne I think the fillers are amazing. I would highly recommend the way you administer them as it’s so natural but I never thought I would get this result. It’s a very youthful look but only I can see it. Friends have complimented me on how good my skin looks!”

Such a difference

“I just love this and it’s just the ideal amount. Has made such a difference to my tear troughs and smile lines. No bruising at all and no pain either. Fabulous job as always and just brilliant the way you advise to do things gradually so the final result is perfect.”

Completely Natural

“I absolutely love my cheeks. Was bridesmaid at the weekend and the make up artist commented on how fab my cheekbones were! They are fabulous, but still look completely natural at the same time.”