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what is maskne?

This type of acne is due to constant friction, pressure & occlusion from mask wearing. The mask also traps oil, sweat, debris & makeup against the skin, blocking the follicles. Stress triggers hormonal changes which in turn increase sebum production and hyperkeratinisation occurs, causing cellular renewal to slow down. This all means bacteria have the perfect environment to grow & spread

what can we do about it?

We can’t stop wearing masks for the time being, so how can we combat Maskne? Here are my top skincare tips:
1) Wash/replace masks after every wear
2) Avoid makeup
3) Wash your face before & after wearing a mask with a gentle pH balanced cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh foaming agents or artificial fragrances/dyes
4) Avoid exfoliating scrubs and skin rollers which can cause bacteria to spread and will irritate an already vulnerable skin. Be gentle with your skin!
5) Keep the skin well hydrated with a water based, non-occlusive moisturiser
6) Avoid oil-based skincare & cosmetics
7) Use a hydrating serum & moisturiser at night to replenish moisture & repair the skin barrier while you sleep
8) Avoid chemical sunscreens during the day – use only mineral SPF
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