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Have You ever heard of the lipstick effect?

This was first described during World War 2. It basically means that in tough economic times, people splash out on small affordable luxuries such as a premium brand lipstick. So while we may not be spending on larger expensive items, these little treats make us feel better in times of stress.

In this current Coronavirus pandemic, I know I’ve been feeling the strain now and again. However the simple act of investing in a good home skincare routine has proved very powerful cheering me up!

If you look better, you feel better. There is a direct correlation between how you look and your overall mood. We all know how much more confident we feel after getting dressed up for a night out!

This is why at Fresh Aesthetics, although my clinics in Portadown and Newry are temporarily closed, I’ve been supporting my patients at home by offering them medical grade skincare, Alumier MD. I started using AlumierMD skincare at the start of lockdown, and already my fine lines are diminished with a renewed glow to my skin. It feels much smoother and more hydrated.

The clinically active ingredients in AlumierMD skincare have been proven to drastically improve cell function within the skin. Therefore my patients skin will be in a premium condition when they return to Fresh Aesthetics.┬áThis cosmeceutical home care will in turn greatly improve the results from their injectable treatments, so it’s a win-win.

Feel free to contact me if you’d also like to find out more about medical grade skincare and what it can do for you!